Jones Solar and Roofing’s team of dedicated professionals is equipped to analyze any home or commercial building and recommend how to reduce or eliminate energy usage! We utilize state of the art energy management monitoring and design tools to recommend the right solution for your home or office.

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Residential & Commercial Roofing

Home Energy Audits and Upgrades

Energy Efficiency Audits and Upgrades

Solar Power Solutions

Solar Power Solutions

Residential and Commercial Roofing

Storm damage restoration and repair

Storms and hail damage is an opportunity to upgrade your home with an energy efficient roof, insulation and better ventilation to reduce energy consumption. When your insurance claim pays most of the replacement costs why not upgrade your home and eliminate your electric bill by adding solar and battery storage? Why not have the most energy efficient home possible? We simplify the insurance claims process and as your General Contractor we project manage all energy upgrades and ensure work is completed on a timely basis.

Roof Inspections

Jones roofing inspectors are trained like insurance adjusters to identify  storm damage. Our inspector’s take roof pictures, as well as collateral damage on fence, gutters, screens, etc. If  necessary we will contact your insurance company to file a claim, schedule an adjuster’s appointment  and insure that everything is on the scope of work and pricing is appropriate. Jones Solar and Roofing Certified with GAF has qualified for Preferred Contractor with Owens Corning. To be a factory-certified GAF and Owens Corning roofing contractor we provided the following:

  • Fully licensed in each state we perform work in.
  • Fully Insured-for your protection.
  • Proven Reputation for providing quality services throughout the community.
  • Committed to continuing education to ensure quality installations every time.

Commercial Roofing

Jones Solar and Roofing can assist in designing the most efficient building whether new construction or retro-fit we can dramatically reduce energy demand or even go “Net Zero” if its possible. We are trained professionals that can accurately evaluate your project and design a solution to meet your expectations and design specifications. Our certified trained professionals can assist in planning the most energy efficient building possible.

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Energy Efficiency Audits and Upgrades

Jones Solar and Roofing can assist in making your home more comfortable and increase the value of your home by making your home the most energy efficient home possible. In 2005 the Energy Efficiency Act was passed mandating that home builders build homes 30% more efficient over a 5 year period of time. The solutions? Better energy star appliances, LED light bulbs, more insulation, tighter homes, cool roofs, and solar ventilation! There are so many solutions in today’s marketplace to reduce energy usage…contact us today for a free energy audit and stop wasting electricity today!

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Residential and Commercial Energy Audits

Solar Solutions

Solar Power

Most homeowners today don’t realize that they can leverage their electric bill and install solar on their home dramatically reducing or even eliminate their electric bill. The price of solar has fallen consistently over the last 10 years and now is the best time to add solar and battery storage while the 30% Federal tax credit is available. We also have financing available to make your goal of a solar powered home a reality!

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How the Solar Install Works

Roof Mounted Solar PV

Each home or company is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help your business reach its full potential. We deliver custom solutions, tailored to you and your industry, your culture, your one of a kind challenges. Roof mounted solar PV is the most cost efficient way to add solar to your home. South facing roofs with limited shade restrictions from trees and other homes is ideal for any roof mounted solar pv system.

Ground Mounted Solar PV

If your roof is not ideal for solar, we can install a solar energy system on the ground of your property in areas with maximum sunlight.

Pole Mounted Solar PV

Pole mounted solar is one of the most flexible options for your home or property. We can install fixed mounted solar or add tracking array’s that allow your solar system to follow the suns path throughout the day to maximize your solar energy production.

  • Hassle-Free Turnkey Solar Panel Installation
    Turnkey installation means that Jones Solar sees the job through from beginning to end. We design, supply, build, and install your home solar panel system in a streamlined, effective process. By the time we leave, we’ll have your meter spinning backwards. With home solar power, you can end your dependence on expensive, non-renewable energy sources.
    Jones Solar makes switching to a home solar power system easy. Turnkey installation means that our bid includes:
  • A complete engineered home solar panel system.
  • All necessary building permits.
  • All necessary engineering load calculations.
  • All setup and paperwork for net metering.

Battery Backup Systems

Off-grid battery backup systems are a great way to keep the power on when your local utility has a blackout. Whether you want power for a few hours or a few days, our battery backup and hybrid systems will always keep your power on.

Solar Thermal Hot Water Heating

Solar thermal hot water heating is one of the oldest solar technologies and has one of the fastest payback periods and ROI of any solar product. If you have an electric hot water heater, solar thermal would be the best solar solution to start with.

Solar Pergola Shade Structures

Solar pergola’s, deck covers, or other shade structures are a great way to add solar to your home, potentially shade and cool your home or deck area, and allows us to work around shaded roof structures.

Solar Car Ports

Solar Car Ports are a great way to add to your existing garage cover or add a shade structure to keep your vehicle cool while producing solar energy.

Solar Attic Fans

Solar Attic Fans are a great way to reduce the heat in your attic and home, lower your air duct temperatures so your AC unit runs more efficiently, gets colder faster, and shuts off sooner to lower your electric bills. Our systems have a lifetime product warranty.

Data Monitoring

Data Monitoring allows our customers to view their system anytime over the internet or mobile phone and gives you the peace of mind that your system is working as it should. E-mail alerts will keep you updated of any problems with your system and get you regular production updates.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

GE Electric Charging Stations are a great way to charge your Electric Vehicle at home. We offer an 8-12 hour charging station or a 2-4 hour charging station to help get you back on the road with a clean energy source.

We provide a variety of services for you. All of our services come with a 100%  satisfaction guarantee.

Incentives, Rebates, & Tax Credits:

Jones Solar works with its customers to take advantage of local utility rebates, the 30% Federal Tax Credit, and any other local incentives provided to the customer.

Premium Business Services

  • Complete energy management systems for any size building. The most advanced tool sets available anywhere in the world.
  • Lease, purchase, PPA or PACE financing for commercial.
  • Special corporate discounts for multiple locations
  • 24 hour system monitoring
  • Certified workmanship
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How the Solar Install Works